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What's the connection between: 胡萝卜、胡椒、番茄、番薯、洋葱、洋菜? Let's find out in this third and final instalment of the series! Happy New Year, everyone! 
  1. Episode 60: 丝绸之路 3/3 (The Silk Road 3/3)
  2. Episode 59: 丝绸之路 2/3 (The Silk Road 2/3)
  3. Episode 58:  丝绸之路 1/3 (The Silk Road 1/3)
  4. Episode 57:《青花瓷》vs 青花瓷 (Jay Chou's “Qing Hua Ci" vs blue and white porcelain)
  5. Episode 56: 中国女排《夺冠》(China's Women's Volleyball Team – "Leap (2020)")

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