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Episode 55: 双十一单身狂欢节 (Double Eleven Singles Celebrations) Chinese Colloquialised – Learn About Chinese Culture In Chinese (Now With A B-Side In English)!

In this episode, I recap on 11 November aka Singles' Day aka Online Shopping Spree Festival – huh? To see the transcript, visit: https://chinesecolloquialised.com (https://chinesecolloquialised.com/)
  1. Episode 55: 双十一单身狂欢节 (Double Eleven Singles Celebrations)
  2. Episode 54: 碰瓷儿(Touch Porcelain?)
  3. Episode 53: 中国古代服装vs西方古代服装 (Ancient Chinese Clothing vs. Ancient Western Clothing)
  4. Episode 52(b): [English] There's this kind of…tea?!
  5. Episode 52: 还有这种茶?!(There's this kind of…tea?!)

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