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In this episode, I talk about a recent, major turning point in my life. This could be the beginning of something beautiful or beautifully sad. But how do you know if you don’t try?! Here’s to having the courage to try something new 🍻. YouTube video mentioned in the podcast: https://youtu.be/6E_0xx-V0NU To see the transcript, visit: https://chinesecolloquialised.com (https://chinesecolloquialised.com/) . 
  1. Episode 48: 自我介绍 II (Introduction II – Life Update)
  2. Episode 47(b): [English] Jane Eyre and Lin Daiyu
  3. Episode 47: 简·爱与林黛玉 (Jane Eyre and Lin Daiyu)
  4. Episode 46(b): [English] The Architect of Modern China
  5. Episode 46: 现代中国的建筑师 (The Architect of Modern China)

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