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Each episode rich with Chinese culture served every Sunday in Chinese, now with a side of blog post on things culture, ethnicity and identity related in English.

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I'm back! In this episode, we talk about the City of Ghosts. It sounds fictitious but it very much exists! Where is it? And why is it known as the City of Ghosts?? Let's find out!  Transcript available on: http://chinesecolloquialised.com
  1. Episode 79:  魔鬼城 (City of Ghosts)
  2. Episode 78: 许渊冲 (Xu Yuanchong)
  3. Episode 77: 看看腾讯爸爸 (When did Tencent start playing nice? )
  4. Episode 76: 中国目前单身人口近2亿 (Why are so many people in China still single?!)
  5. Episode 75: 调休是不是该淘汰了? (Should "Adjusted Leave" Be Cancelled?)


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