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Each episode rich with Chinese culture served every Sunday in Chinese, now with a side of blog post on things culture, ethnicity and identity related in English.

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In this episode, we take a moment to admire some of 许渊冲's works. Transcript will be available at: http://www.chinesecolloquialised.com
  1. Episode 78: 许渊冲 (Xu Yuanchong)
  2. Episode 77: 看看腾讯爸爸 (When did Tencent start playing nice? )
  3. Episode 76: 中国目前单身人口近2亿 (Why are so many people in China still single?!)
  4. Episode 75: 调休是不是该淘汰了? (Should "Adjusted Leave" Be Cancelled?)
  5. Episode 74: 五一调休(China's International Workers' Day Adjusted Leave System)


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