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Episode 71: 中国第一位女皇帝 (The First Female Emperor of China) Chinese Colloquialised – Learn About Chinese Culture In Chinese!

Who do you think is China's first female emperor? What if I told you there are actually three contenders? Let's have a look. 👑Transcript available: http://chinesecolloquialised.comBuy Me Coffee code: buymeacoff.ee/kaycee
  1. Episode 71: 中国第一位女皇帝 (The First Female Emperor of China)
  2. Episode 70: 新疆棉花事件 (Xinjiang Cotton)
  3. Episode 69: 汉字游戏 (How well do you know your Chinese characters?) 😉
  4. Episode 68: 他娶她嫁他 (Will You Marry Me?)
  5. Episode 67(b): Read With Me Deep Dive: 《从你的全世界路过》第二夜:表白 ("I Belonged To You", The Second Night: Confessing Love)

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